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Emre Koçak


Founder and Director of Clase Barcelona Language School S.L

Emre is the founding partner and manager director. He makes CBLS more than a language school. He graduated in Translation and Interpretation, and is working as a conference interpreter in Munich, Vienna, Berlin and Istanbul, among other cities. He looks back on more than 10 years of experience abroad, and comes from a professional career focused on languages (German, Turkish, English, French and Spanish). Also, he has taken part in many German state projects, both in Munich and Barcelona. One of his constant worries is making everything work easily for students so that they could fulfil their learning objectives. To achieve this he shares his personal and professional experience with students, teachers and other partners.

Emre Koçak is leading partner in programs of the European Social Funds (ESF):

– IDA – Inspire & Develop Artistsducational Program (Take Off)
– MobiPro EU (The Job of my Life)
– Erasmus +

Clare Billig


Founding Partner

Clare is a pillar of Clase Barcelona Language School. She is a social pedagogue, and looks back on more than 15 years of experience in different formation projects. She was born in England, but she was brought up in Germany. Therefore, both German and English are her mother tongues. In Germany, she has worked in some state institutions, where she developed mitigation strategies addressed to the difficulties in learning. Her pedagogic experience, together with her heightened sensitivity towards cultural diversity, provides our team with the perfect humanistic vision.

Clare speaks German, English and Spanish.

Spanish Teacher


Team Leader and Head of Catalan Department

The professional profile of our school coordinator includes many areas, such as teaching, languages and communication. She graduated in Advertising and Public Relations at the University of Alicante. She also has a postgraduate in Pedagogy, and an advanced training course in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language by Cervantes Institute of Hamburg. She promotes the social diffusion of our school by applying her wide professional experience in customer support, corporate communications, and teaching. Furthermore, she ensures smooth communication among students, teachers and the organisation.

Spanish teacher


Coordinator department of spanish

Our coordinator of the Spanish department has focused her career in languages. He has studied in the University of Valencia the Degree of English Studies and in the University Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona the Master in Literary and Audiovisual Translation. Working in the UK as a Conversation Helper in Spanish classes, she honed her English proficiency and discovered her passion for teaching. In addition to coordinating Spanish courses of different levels, it is responsible for teaching Spanish and English to adults as well as children.